An Ethnography of Ellensburg

My MFA thesis film, An Ethnography of Ellensburg is a portrait of a small Central Washington town. A simultaneous investigation of life in the modern American West and ethnography itself, the film also raises questions about surveillance and privacy along the way.

Selected for Athens International Film + Video Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, and Ellensburg Film Festival.

Climate Change in the Caribbean

Climate Change in the Caribbean, a series of PSAs I produced for Trinidad and Tobago’s National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Techonology (NIHERST). This is the whole series, which aired throughout the English speaking Caribbean in 2009 & 2010.

200 Block

Created for the 5-Day Documentary Challenge, this short looks at the history of Bozeman, Montana through the lens of an unfolding tragedy. Screened at Rooftop Films Summer Series, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and One Reel Film Festival at Bumbershoot.